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  1. Project Planning and Idea Generation

    July 7

    Project Planning and Idea Generation How do you estimate how much yarn you need for a project? How do you calculate for multiple projects? Where do you start when you’re not sure where to start? Too many ideas? not enough? In this class we will explore answers to these questions. We will talk about how…

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  2. Drawing: Foundations

    July 14

    Drawing: Foundations This course focuses on translating three dimensions to a two-dimensional surface. We will do this by drawing what we see, not what we think we see, in black and white drawing media. Our varied subject matter will be translated to paper utilizing the elements of art. Primary focus on line/contour, shapes as well…

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  3. Mixed Media Salon

    July 14

    Mixed Media Salon Artful conversation is always a source of inspiration. Join the instructor and other artists to implement ideas that convey expression in drawing and/or painting (student’s choice). Together we will strengthen each other’s creative resolve by sharing and utilizing skilled techniques. All levels of experience and skill are encouraged to attend! Instructor Karen…

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Creative Arts News

Important July Class Update!

This update is due to precautions taken by the NC state Governor Cooper. Please begin wearing a mask in and outside of all buildings on HCC campus starting at 5pm on June 26th, 2020. Masks will not be provided by the school, please bring your own and follow the links below to learn how to…

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Featured Success Story

Deanna Lynch Textiles

  • Professional Crafts Fiber

Class of 2014

History and Tradition My grandfather introduced me to weaving when I was 9 years old. Although I did not receive formal training for weaving until after he passed, I still feel a deep connection to him when I am at my loom. The connection to my grandfather makes me feel like I am a part of the rich history of textiles. It is an ancient craft built on necessity and…

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