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Events at Creative Arts

  1. Fiber Special Studies Workshop

    June 5

    Fiber Special Studies Workshop Required Pre-Requisite: CE Fiber Special Study taught by Amy Putansu during 2020 Fiber Special Studies Workshop is a full day workshop for those that wish to focus on current ongoing projects in their fiber studies at HCC under Amy Putansu. The course is an opportunity for current HCC students that have…

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  2. Beginning Jewelry Fabrication 2

    June 9

    Beginning Jewelry Fabrication 2 This course is a continuation of Beginning Jewelry Fabrication. We will continue to work in 2D design and construction, increasing soldering proficiency with the introduction of butt joints and jump ring forming and we will use mixed metals to create a small sheet of multiple metals that can be used to…

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  3. Intermediate Jewelry: Adding Color

    June 10

    Intermediate Jewelry: Adding Color This class will focus on exploring ways to incorporate color into jewelry pieces using a variety of techniques and processes, including enameling on silver and copper and anodizing titanium “pieces-parts” that will later be used to create a piece of jewelry. After a variety of samples have been created through the…

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Creative Arts News


ATTN: Quilting and Upholstery Students All upcoming quilting and upholstery classes have been rescheduled. The dates are listed below. Please also take note of the Dates to find your make up class date if you are due one. I realize these dates have been changing and I apologize for the confusion and inconvenience. Please take…

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Featured Success Story

Deanna Lynch Textiles

  • Professional Crafts Fiber

Class of 2014

History and Tradition My grandfather introduced me to weaving when I was 9 years old. Although I did not receive formal training for weaving until after he passed, I still feel a deep connection to him when I am at my loom. The connection to my grandfather makes me feel like I am a part of the rich history of textiles. It is an ancient craft built on necessity and…

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