Must I be an in state resident to take classes?
Students enrolled in the 2-year curriculum courses will be subject to in-state or out-of-state tuition. Students enrolled in continuing education pay the same fees regardless of residence.

What is the cost of Tuition?
Tuition rates change annually. Please visit HCC’s Tuition page for updated information.

Can I participate in the program long-distance, or do the projects in my home studio?
Projects assignments for students must be completed in the HCC studio. There are many learning opportunities that occur during class, and students benefit most from having instructor involvement at every step of the process.

Are scholarships available?
Yes! Many of our degree seeking students receive federal as well as local scholarships and grants. Apply for Financial Aid at haywood.edu. There are also scholarships available in continuing education for students who are pursuing a career path. Please contact 828-565-4240 for more information.

How long is the program?
The Professional Crafts programs are each two years in duration. Classes run Monday – Friday from approximately 9 am to 5 pm.

The continuing education classes are self-contained and vary in length.

When does the program begin?
The Professional Crafts Program accepts new students in August of every year. General education classes may be taken in the spring semester.

Continuing education classes run year-round.

Do you have a waiting list?
The Professional Crafts Program has a limited enrollment every year and we do maintain a priority list of interested applicants. The best advice is to go ahead and apply if you are interested — this will assure your spot for the upcoming year.

Continuing education classes also have a student maximum, so please register in advance. When the class is filled, we do maintain a waitlist.

How do I get signed up for the Professional Crafts degree-seeking program?
The best thing is to get your name onto the wait list by applying for the program.
The first step is to apply to the college. The earlier you get on the list the more likely you will to get a spot in the program in the fall. You can apply online at CFNC.org. You can always decline acceptance if your plans change.

After you apply, you’ll be on the wait list. New students begin the program in August of every year. In March you’ll get a postcard that lets you know that you’ve been accepted. You will want to confirm your interest in joining the program by responding to the postcard. If you decide to postpone, you’ll need to reapply and then you’ll be back on the wait list for the next year.

The last step is to arrange a department interview. This can be done at any time once you have applied for the program, and it can be done by phone.

When do I register for classes?
Registration for fall curriculum classes is generally held in April and again in June.
Registration for continuing education courses must be complete one week prior to the course start date.

Continuing Education: Registration page
Professional Crafts Program (Curriculum): Register at CFNC.org

What kind of degree can I earn?
HCC offers an Associate of Applied Science degree as well as a Diploma in the 2 year Professional Crafts program. The college also offers a certificate in Hand Wrought Metals.

What kind of students do you accept?
Our enrollment is open to everyone over the age of 18. We have students of all ages and interests, with varying levels of experience. Some students are already proficient craftspeople, and others come to school with no crafts experience.

Can I sign up for individual classes?
The Professional Crafts Programs are full time. If you are interested in taking a single class, please look into the Creative Arts Continuing Education program.

Where is Clyde, NC?
Haywood Community College is located in Clyde, a town in the western part of North Carolina about 20 miles west of Asheville.

Where do students live?
Some students commute from Asheville and other towns in Western North Carolina. Some move to the area and find housing in Waynesville or in Clyde.

How do I get help?
If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us on the Contact page.