Lindsay Williamson to lead Homesteading Courses at HCC!

Posted December 14, 2016

Backyard Homesteading-From Bee Charmer to Forager, Lindsay Williamson Keeps It Interesting

Backyard homesteading started out as a labor of love for Lindsay Williamson. Now it comes as second nature.

Lindsay embarked on the journey to find alternatives for her family who suffered from food sensitivities. The flavor and nutritional value of sprouting and grinding her own einkorn, baking her own bread, processing her own honey, grinding her own corn and meat, making her own cheese, and fermenting foods ensures that she is providing only the best for her family.

Lindsay also makes natural alternatives to over the counter medicines, creates lip balm and teas, grows and dries herbs, forages in her backyard, and raises bees and chickens.

As if this isn’t enough, she helps with her partner’s upscale casual restaurant and caters barbeque and all the fixings to events and festivals.

Lindsay moved to North Carolina 10 years ago to help in the restaurant. “It’s a goldmine here,” she says. “I could keep learning forever here.”

As a suburban homesteader, Lindsay’s days tend to be unique. Baking with sourdough, her kids have a most unusual pet in the sourdough starter and like feeding it. Sometimes, Lindsay will tell them to go forage in the yard or bring her some herbs from the garden and then they will proceed to make a meal out of the found items. About once a month, Lindsay enjoys driving to a dairy farm in nearby South Carolina for a supply of fresh milk.

Lindsay is very interested in the probiotic properties of fermenting foods. She explains that this method of preserving contains a high amount of Vitamin C and encourages good bacteria. The range of foods she ferments is quite wide ranging from sour kraut and fruit spreads to yogurt, kefir, and cider. She says this method boosts nutrients in the food.

Lindsay describes herself as being closest to the style of a biodynamic beekeeper. “I use no chemicals and intervene with the bees as little as possible,” she explains. “Making honey is a bee’s life work. Every hive has its own personality determined by their queen.”

Lindsay has 3 different types of hives for a total of 12. Every year, she mentors a new beekeeper. She believes honey is a special gift, one her sons enjoy every day.

One of the most recent projects Lindsay has embarked on is a company she runs with her partner, Farmhouse BBQ. They smoke beef brisket and pork in a smoker built from found parts. The meat, along with sides, are served at large events, caterings, festivals, and breweries. They cook with 100% oak wood and use free-roaming meat without hormones or antibiotics. The brisket is grass-fed and the pork is pasture raised and heritage breeds. “Our mission is to feed the community how we would feed our own family.”

Lindsay writes the bee blog for Mother Earth News and contributes to Grit Magazine.

If you want to learn to be a suburban homesteader, Lindsay will share her skills through the following classes at HCC:

Beekeeping 101

Saturday, February 4th

10 am – 4 pm $68

Homemade Dairy

Saturday, March 4th

10 am – 1 pm $35

Backyard Chickens

Saturday, April 1st

10 am – 1 pm $35

Basic Fermentation

Saturday, May 6th

10 am – 4 pm $68

Please call 828.565.4240 to register!

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