Professional Crafts celebrates American Craft Week with Open House 10/5!

Posted September 4, 2019

Please join us for refreshments and demos in the Creative Arts Building from 10am – 2pm Saturday, October 5th. All of our labs will be open and showing the below techniques:

Jewelry: Cuttlebone Casting
Cuttlebone is the skeletal remains of the cuttlefish, yuck. The cuttlefish is a member of the mollusk family, somewhat squid like in appearance with ten tentacles, and a soft, mushy body, double yuck. However upon death and with due process of nature the skeleton of the cuttlefish becomes an interesting material in which you can cast metal, yeah! The cuttlebone is cut in half, sanded flat, then a design is carved into it along with an opening to receive the molten metal, and the two halves are bound together. The metal is then melted in a crucible and poured directly into the cuttlebone resulting in a cast metal object. Tour the jewelry lab and learn about the 2 year Jewelry program!

Clay: Hand-building and Wheel Throwing
Come marvel at the malleability of clay with students and faculty in the Professional Crafts Clay. We’ll demonstrate hand-built and wheel thrown pottery techniques and discuss different types of clay and firing processes. Tours of the facility and information about HCC’s Professional Crafts program will be available.

Fiber: Indigo Dyeing, Felting & Weaving
The community is invited to join in and try their hand at indigo dyeing, felting and weaving – all of these fun fiber techniques will be on display and you can tour the Fiber lab which includes floor looms, AVL looms, a dye lab and a sewing lab. You’ll also meet students and the instructor who can tell you all about the Professional Crafts Fiber program!

In the Continuing Education Fiber Studio, we’ll be dyeing blues using an organic indigo vat.  Come see fabric turn from white, to copper-yellow, to green, to blue before your eyes as the indigo oxidizes!

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