Continuing Education Metals Studio

Haywood Community College Creative Arts Continuing Education metals studio is well equipped to offer a variety of jewelry classes and workshops. Currently there are offerings of cold connection classes, enameling and a variety of metalsmithing classes.

The studio is approximately 29’ x 16’ and can provide space for up to 10 students. The classroom includes 10 individual workstations with shared flexible shaft motors (at least one for every two students). The center of the room contains a 6’ x 3’ wooden table workspace for instruction and demonstration. There is also a soldering room, which contains space for three students to work at a time. Cushioned stools with backrests are provided seating.
In addition to the main studio and soldering room there is also an equipment room that serves as sound containment for noisier equipment such as the auto graver and tumblers.


The following list of equipment will give you an idea of what you can expect to find during your class here at Haywood Community College. Although we do have this equipment, if something is not necessary for your class, it may not be available for your use. Your instructor will determine the equipment used by your class and it will be appropriate to the techniques taught.

The metals studio includes:
  • ​Tool kits for student checkout during class time
  • ​Shared casting facility with centrifugal casting
  • ​Enamel kiln & supplies
  • ​6″ Rolling Mill
  • ​3 station soldering room with individual ventilation units
  • ​3 Surface mix acetylene torches
  • ​3 mini torches
  • ​Chasing & repousse tools
  • ​Stone setting tools
  • ​Wax working tools
  • ​Rotary tumbler
  • ​Ionic cleaner
  • ​Magnetic tumbler
  • ​Buffing machine
  • ​Auto graver
  • ​GRS systems at each of the 10 workstations with accessories
  • ​Dapping Die 25 pc set
  • ​10 Flex Shaft motors with foot pedal
  • ​Various hand tools, measuring tools and hammers


On the first meeting of your class, you will go through a formal safety talk regarding all elements of your course, studio and facility.

Studio Clean up

Students can anticipate a daily cleanup that will be done at the end of each class. Studio cleanup is mandatory.

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