Professional Crafts Clay Studio

The Professional Crafts Clay studio offers individual assigned spaces for each student, including a Shimpo Whisper potter’s wheel as well as access to additional shared group spaces and equipment. The studio is well designed with safety and efficiency in mind, and we provide instruction in a variety of pottery making processes and approaches to glazing and finishing wares.

Clay CU Equipment

  • Designated workspace equipped with a Shimpo Whisper potters wheel for each student
  • North Star slab roller
  • Clay extruder
  • Complete glaze laboratory
  • Spray booth
  • Clay mixing room
  • Peter Pugger clay mixer
  • Cone Art high temperature electric kilns
  • Gas fired soda kiln
  • Gas fired raku kiln
  • Gas fired reduction car kiln
  • Catenary wood kiln

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A View From The Studio