Professional Crafts Fiber Studio

The fiber studio is comprised of three areas:  the Weave Room, the Sewing Studio, and the Dye Lab.  Fulltime students have their own 8-harness floor loom workstation for the duration of the program.  Daylight task lighting is supplied at each station.  Students in the Production Methods class share two computerized production looms.

The sewing room accommodates six home Bernina and Janome sewing machines each housed in its own individual sewing cabinet; two steaming & ironing stations, and four sergers.  Students learn pattern design and draping using professional dress forms ranging in sizes from 8-18.

The Dye Lab uses three gas burners and a large commercial 3-bay sink.  Students can do extra-large dye lots in a 40-gallon steam-jacketed gas-heated kettle.  There are sixteen linear feet of padded printing surface for silk-screening, and a darkroom with exposure unit for screens up to 23”x 31”.

Equipment in Fiber Program

  • Sixteen 8- Harness Macomber Floor Looms
  • One 48” 16-Harness AVL Compu-Dobby
  • One 40” 16-Harness AVL Compu-Dobby
  • WeavePoint software
  • Six Home sewing machines, Janome and Bernina
  • Four Sergers, Juki and Bernina
  • Two professional ironing stations
  • Professional Dress forms ranging in sizes 6-18

​Dye and Print Studio equipped with:

  • Darkroom and 36 x 46” exposure unit for silkscreen production
  • One 40-gallon steam-jacketed gas kettle
  • Three indoor gas burners
  • Commercial Stainless Steel Sink with high-pressure sprayer
  • 16 linear feet of padded printing surface

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A View From The Studio