Professional Crafts Jewelry/Metals Studio

The Professional Crafts Jewelry/Metals studio includes a large well-lighted primary workspace with sixteen jewelry benches. Each hardwood maple bench is furnished with a Benchmate, flexible shaft, reciprocating hand-piece, adjustable light and a small lockable storage space. There are four other rooms adjacent to the bench room: the tool room which houses a large selection of metalsmithing hammers, stakes and anvils as well as other small, jewelry making equipment. There is a soldering room with five soldering stations each with two torches, individual fume extractors, and work lamps.  The polishing room provides a space for two floor model polishing/buffing lathes with separate dust collection and the casting room houses both vacuum and centrifugal casting machines along with a burnout oven and investment mixing area. Ventilation hoods are provided for both casting machines and burnout oven.

There is a small lecture area with table and chairs situated at one end of the studio, while other full-size classrooms are available throughout the Creative Arts Building, each complete with projection and audio systems.

The following list is not all-inclusive but gives a representation of some of the equipment and tools provided in the Professional Crafts-Jewelry/Metals studio.


Jewelry Studio​
  • Metal-cutting Bandsaw
  • 36” Metal-cutting Step Shear
  • Jewelry Steamer
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Large Magnetic Tumbler
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Acid Etching Fume Hood
  • Micro Drill Press
  • Small Metal/Wax Lathe
  • Microscope
  • Anodizing Rectifier
  • 3 Engraver’s Blocks
  • Pitch Bowls
  • Repousse` & Chasing Tools
  • Enameling Kiln
Tool Room
  • 2 Work tables
  • 2 Stand mounted Vises
  • Ring Sizer
  • Assortment of Metalsmithing Hammers
  • Forming Stakes
  • Bench Shear
  • Dapping Punches
  • Dapping Blocks
  • Disc Cutters
  • Forming Mandrels
  • Drill Press
  • Variable Speed 2”x72” Belt Grinder
  • 2 Rolling Mills
  • Variety of Hand Tools
Soldering Room
  • 5 Smith Oxy/Acetylene Torches
  • 5 Smith Acetylene/Atmospheric Air Torches
  • 5 Soldering Stations with Individual Fume Extractors
  • 5 Work Lamps
  • 5 Electronic Torch Igniters
Polishing Room
  • 2 Floor Model Buffing Machines with Dust Collectors
  • Assortment of Polishing Buffs and Compounds
Casting Room
  • Vic 12 Vacuum Caster
  • Centrifugal Caster
  • Digitally Controlled Burn-Out Oven
  • Vulcanizer
  • Wax Injector
  • Digitally Controlled Melting Furnace
  • Large Oxy/Acetylene Torch

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