Professional Crafts Wood Studio

The Wood Studio is outfitted with machinery, tools, and jigs for a wide spectrum of student projects, with an emphasis on equipment appropriate for a small, independent furniture and/or cabinet business.

Student Bench spaces

  • Cabinetmaker’s bench with vise(s)
  • Toolbox, with smoothing plane, block plane, hammer, mallet, chisels, rule, scrapers, burnisher, awl, screwdrivers, marking gauge, square, t-bevel, protractor, mill file, and rasp.

Studio Equipment

  • (3) 10″ cabinet saws and related sleds and jigs
  • 12″ straight-knife jointer
  • 8” helical-head jointer
  • 25” helical-head jointer
  • 15” helical-head planer
  • 25” dual-drum thickness sander
  • (2) 18” bandsaws
  • (2) miter saws
  • edge sander
  • disc/belt sander
  • oscillating spindle sander
  • drill press
  • square chisel mortiser
  • shaper
  • scroll saw
  • (2) router tables
  • Multirouter
  • (2) lathes
  • grinder/buffer
  • dust collection and air filtration
  • compressed air system
  • spray booth
  • array of hand clamps
  • vacuum press
  • array of corded/cordless/pneumatic power tools, including routers, drills, circular saws, jigsaws, sanders, Domino and biscuit, grinders, nailers, and more
  • array of hand tools, including planes, handsaws, carving chisels and gouges, marking accessories, and more

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