Welcoming New Creative Arts Instructors!

Posted November 16, 2021

Haywood Community College Creative Arts program triumphed through the previous year’s Covid Shut Down through continuing to strive onward and create not only online course options but a more diverse program for the following year. HCC Creative Arts is very proud to have a multitude of course options and fresh new faces to introduce to the public. 

We would love to introduce you to our new Faculty Members for the 2021/2022 school year many of which will be teaching in the upcoming 2022 school year! 

Many of the Faculty below began offering courses at Haywood Community College earlier this year and continue to strive onward to a brighter future in education where Covid does not impact our creativity! Haywood Community College is very proud of our faculty for facing the Covid related challenges in education!

Please do meet and read about our new Continuing Education Creative Art Instructors listed below!

Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark working in her studio in June of 2018.

Jessica Clark is a local artist as well as an educator of young minds and teaches for a Public Charter School in Asheville, NC. Clark is a wonderful active artist and educator, who has inspiring forms of influence in her work such as her Native American Heritage. The connection between the artist and the art is clear in Clark’s portfolio as it illustrates a deep connection she has to her upbringing and the culture in Western NC.. I highly encourage you to read her biography on her website listed below. Clark earned her undergraduate degree from UNC at Pembroke and her Master of Fine Arts Degree from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her courses for 2022 include Portrait Drawing and Smart Phone Photography.

Jessica Clark illustrates her painting skills in the above video. The video is from Clarks Youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqISTGTXsf4N860_BWKKLzg

Jessica Clark Website: https://www.jessicaclarkart.com

Kerry Garvin

Kerry Garvin, Portrait from Amazon.com.

Kerry Garvin, a Harvard Graduate, is very active in her field as a writer and educator. She always makes her students feel welcome and cared for. Her courses have become incredibly popular at Haywood Community College. Her courses are continually gaining interest and popularity in multiple states. Garvin has truly created a special series of courses in Creative Writing Fiction and Nonfiction Writingin the Creative Arts Department. Her courses can be accessed remotely making them available from afar. Garvin is a brave woman who inspires others daily. She co-edited a phenomenal text “What Doesn’t Kill Her: Women’s Stories of Resilience”, filled with inspiring stories from women. HCC is very touched by the good work she is doing in not only Haywood County but in Higher Education. She is an advocate for the victimized and through her writings she makes readers and writers stronger in their everyday life. Garvin is truly a great instructor and will turn you into a great writer as well as a strong reader. 

Kerry Garvin Website: http://kerrygarvin.com/index/

Raleigh Harris

Raleigh having a nature day! Compliments of her Twitter: https://twitter.com/raleighcharris

Raleigh Harris is a local photographer and a wonderful one at that! Harris works as a portrait photographer and is an active fine artist creating work with a surreal element. If you’re interested in telling a story in your portraits, Harris is certainly an artist to take lessons from. Harris’ choice in color and content in her photographs lends to her photographic stories. Her photography is almost cinematic. Harris is wonderful with students, she encourages all that are in her courses to pursue their photographic interests whether it be portraiture, still life, long exposure photography, or abstract. During instruction she offers artists names to research and inspire, one could say she will tailor your photograph research to your interest. Harris graduated with a Bachelors of Art from Montana State University and earned her Master of Fine Arts from Western Carolina University. She is not currently offering a Exploring Portraiture for the school year. We certainly encourage you to check back with us for future classes with Raleigh Harris! 

Raleigh Harris Website: http://raleighharrisphoto.com

Ilene Kay

Ilene Kay in her studio.

Ilene Kay is a member of the Haywood County Arts Council and actively participates in local festivals throughout Haywood County. She is incredibly friendly and welcomes all members of the public to explore her beautiful jewelry. Kay’s jewelry captures the essence of the local mountains and has a very elegant style. Kay is very well versed in silver, she colors her work so exquisitely it’s hard to not fall in love with her pieces. Kay studied Commercial Art at the University of Central Oklahoma. Kay teaches courses using high quality metals at Haywood Community College. Please click here to view her upcoming courses,  Argentium Silver and Titanium Jewelry Classes.

Listen and Watch Ilene Kay work in her studio. Video is from the Craft Guild’s YouTube homepage, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKtboVcbNm70AKl2bN43SSw

Ilene Kay Website: https://www.art-jewelry-by-ilene.com

Dan Keller

Portrait of Dan Keller from Boldlife.com.

Dan Keller is a wonderful musician, and I can personally express how much joy he brings to Haywood Community Colleges classrooms! His laugh and happiness stretch through the halls when he teaches, and his music is such a delight to have around. Keller is an active music teacher, teaching at Haywood community college and for the Hendersonville Boys and Girls Club. During the school year he has offered Guitar, Jazz Guitar, and Ukulele courses at Haywood Community College. Keller also teaches with a consistent smile on his face! Keller does not stop spreading his joy, whether it be in the classroom as an instructor or as a musician on stage.

Dan Keller himself!

Dan Keller Website: https://stores.musicarts.com/instructors/daniel-keller

Lauren Medford

Lauren Medford Portrait from https://www.haywoodarts.org.

Lauren Medford is an active member of the Arts and Crafts Community in Haywood County. Medford graduated with her Masters of Fine Art degree with a focus in Printmaking from Western Carolina University and is employed by Haywood County Arts Council. Medford has offered a multitude of classes at Haywood Community College and is always creating work in her preferred mediums; printmaking, surface design, and sculpture. Medford has offered a multitude of courses since she began working in the Haywood Community Colleges Creative Arts Program including but not limited to Appalachian Ghost Stories, Women of the Old North State, Printmaking, Surface Design, and Graphic Design. She has quite the mind and has truly given the Creative Arts Department a diverse course selection. Currently Medford is focusing on educating the public in Printmaking through offering Budget Friendly Printmaking and Hand Printed Greeting Cards for Valentine’s Day.  Medford is also working with another instructor to create a novelty course for those who love our Soap making Classes! Medford is offering a Spring Wrapped Soap course, a class to teach you how to make your own wrapping paper which can be used for any gift giving treat!

The above videos features Lauren Medford, she is a wonderful Printmaker!

Lauren Medford Website: http://laurenmedford.com

Seth Echlin

Seth Echlin working away. Image is from WCU at http://www.wcumfa.com/who

Seth Echlin is our new Ceramics Instructor for Continuing Education Creative Arts Program. He is an up-and-coming MFA graduate of Western Carolina University. Echlin’s work is an ode to the history of pottery, especially the history of pottery in North Carolina. His work features bottle forms, and other functional stoneware. His ceramic pottery has earthy tones, organic lines, and a curved forms. He is offering a wheel throwing class very soon and it is HCC Creative Arts goal to offer the public a Wood Kiln firing class with Mr. Echlin in the upcoming year! We are so happy to have him on board so he can share is knowledge and passion with the public! He will be teaching the Introduction to Working on the Potter’s Wheel course, starting in January. We hope to see you there!

Seth Echlin Website: https://sethechlin.com

Jim Stilwell

Jim Stilwell working in his studio. Image is from his website, listed below, https://jimstilwell.com/.

Jim “James” Stilwell is a local artist who has such a kind heart and gentle teaching style that he has multiple repeat students. He recently joined our Creative Arts team in the past year and we are lucky to have him teaching in the classroom on HCC main campus as well as online/remotely for those who are not ready for the classroom just yet! Stilwell is a local drawing and painter whose works have a fantastical quality. He has a very good eye for color and blending techniques. Each of his works certainly tell a story and as a viewer it’s easy to identity with the message in each piece. He is teaching multiple upcoming courses, both remote/online and in the classroom. Stilwell’s classes including Story Art, Intro to Drawing, Into to Painting, and Perspective Art. 

Jim Stilwell Websitehttps://jimstilwell.com

David Zachary

David Zachary Portrait from https://faithlife.com/davidzachary

David Zachary is an incredibly passionate Bee Keeper; he manages bee boxes, harvests honey, and sells his honey in Haywood County! Zachary is quite the character and has much experience in Bee Keeping and is very active in the ministry as the Pastor of East LaPorte’s Grace Community Church in Cullowhee, NC. I promise his courses will guarantee much conversation and education as to the importance of having bees. He is also a wonderful tip giver in using honey in the kitchen for recipes! Zachary will be teaching a 1 day workshop for Interested Bee Keepers in January, which is meant to introduce the beginning building blocks of being a Bee Keeper as well as assist students in purchasing bee keeping supplies including the bees themselves! Zachary is also teaching a very in depth and knowledge filled 12-week course in Backyard Bee Keeping. HCC is happy to have such a dedicated and professional Bee Keeper to educate the public in having their own bees to harvest honey and assist in Haywood County’s environmental health. 

Still from David Zachary’s “Installing a Package of Bees” video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tm3wEtk8es&t=8s

David Zachary Website: http://www.zbeesapiary.com

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